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William Lett is a voice actor and audio editor based out of central Georgia. They often dream of monsters, magic, and Madvillainy.

International Podcast Month 1 2

International Podcast Month (IPM) is a collaborative event where podcasters come together to celebrates the podcasting community, creating unique episodes that are released throughout the month of September.(Also produced and edited these episodes.)

The Piece of Cake Podcasting Network

The Piece of Cake Podcasting Network is a volunteer organization dedicated to helping minorities find, share, and create a variety of podcasting opportunities.

NIGHTLIGHT (podcast) 1 2 3

A horror fiction podcast, written by Black writers and performed by Black actors.

Past Work

Mobile Suit Fandom (Editor)

A Gundam series rewatch podcast. (Brought on as the bi-weekly editor.)On Hiatus

Null/Void (podcast)

A science fiction audio drama about a young woman, Piper Lee, whose life is saved by a mysterious voice named Adelaide. Piper soon uncovers a malicious plot by a monopoly of a tech company and must work with her friends and an unusual ally to help foil their deadly plot.(minor role as "Office Manager")

>>at least you're not alone (audiobook)

A roleplaying game for 3+ players about romance, honesty, togetherness, and music. (Recorded and produced an audio version of this tabletop rpg.)

Play/Test (podcast)

An actual play podcast about the journey of making a new tabletop RPG system, from the very first Playtest.

Party of One (podcast)

An actual play podcast focused on two-player roleplaying experiences. Each week, host Jeff Stormer sits down with friends to play a two-player game and have a really good time.


I can be reached via email at wlettvo [at] gmail [dot] com, or any of the sites shown below. Thank you in advance!